Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spokane Buyers need to research loan option


A new study from Fannie Mae indicates that many People in america fall short to do their preparation when considering mortgage options, creating issues for both the new borrower and creditors.
According to the Nov Nationwide Real estate Study Subject Research Review, many people may be losing out on benefits when it comes to researching for loans, mostly because of a lack of knowledge about what exactly is available. This results in more expenses and sometimes bringing up issues during the entire length of the mortgage.

Although a home purchase is the biggest financial responsibility most people will ever make, many people do not completely comprehend their mortgage product and expenses, said Doug Duncan, primary economist at Fannie Mae. As a result, some property owners in this position may find themselves with expenses to high to handle down the road.
The problem is especially frequent among lower-income participants (defined as households making
$50,000 or less per year. Three % of low-income participants said they acquired an offer from only one organization when acquiring their current mortgage.
Research done for HUD indicates people who fall short to shop around may be losing out on $1,000 or more in benefits on settlement expenses.

While mortgage provider popularity seems to be an essential aspect for people across all earnings groups—at least two out of three participants in each earnings segment say it is a significant consideration—low-income customers are more influenced by providers and creditors when choosing a mortgage provider. They are also less likely to take into consideration the pros and cons of their offers: 54 % of low-income participants report competition as an essential aspect, while 76 % of high-income participants say it is a significant point for them.

In addition, higher earners appear to be more relaxed shopping loans with technology. Half of low- and mid-income participants say they acquired the estimate on their mortgage mortgage in person, while more than 60 % of high-income customers got their quotes over the phone or on the Internet (through either their bank's web page or a third-party evaluation website).

Moreover, high-income participants indicated greater comfort with the idea of using their cell phone gadgets to check out houses, creditors, and rates. However, participants across all earnings categories still seem hesitant to actually obtain a home personal mortgage on a cell phone, with less than a one fourth of each group saying they would be relaxed doing so.

Another common line among customers of all earnings supports is their failing to comprehend key mortgage components. When requested to calculate the highest possible amount by which the monthly adjustable-rate mortgage mortgage (ARM) payment can increase over the lifestyle of the mortgage, 41 % of participants were incapable to answer.

Among those who actually provided the calculation the normal answer was around 10 %, well short of Fannie Mae’s computation of more than 50%.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is Divorce a Hardship?


Are you getting divored or separated and neither one of you can manage the residence any longer? What can you do? Well, you can short sale. A short sale happens when the lending company will take take a smaller amount on the residence upon being marketed in order for the house owner and home loan provider to prevent an expensive residence foreclosure. The home loan provider will not come out making as much as the unique home loan mentioned, but they will come out with something. The house owner will come out of their house with the debt cleaned away.

The distinction in short selling and a residence foreclosure is how lengthy it can be to get a upcoming home loan. A Fannie Mae home loan needs you to wait for up to seven years before you can buy another house with a foreclosure on your credit. Most other creditors have the same recommendations. With a short sale you have the prospective to be back on you after two years and immediately in some situations.

Attempting to take out a home loan from any bank when you have a foreclosure on your history could end up in answering uncomfortable questions. A program will ask you if you have ever had a residence foreclose or done a auction rather within the past 7 years. You will have to respond yes to that query. With a short sale and that same query, you will be able to response no, totally because your house was marketed and closed as paid in short.

If you are going through a divorce, it may be in your best interest to search for a short sale expert so that you can discover more about the  process and how to begin. Patiently waiting a lengthy time could end in a unpleasant residence foreclosure. Lenders are a little more willing to take short sales these days because they too, do not want to deal with the expensive continuing maintenance and expense of a residence foreclosure.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Trend: 20-Year Mortgages

While 30-year fixed rate mortgages are still the most popular term for home loans a new trend of 20-year mortgages is gaining momentum and has become a realistic option for borrowers and especially those refinancing. Basically a 20-year loan term is an option to lower ones interest rate and shorten the term of the loan. This of course results in higher month payments than a 30-year, but with interest historically low the 20 year mortgage has actually become an affordable option. MSN Real Estate has taken a full look at this new trend in home loans so click here and check out the full article to make sure you are choosing the right loan term for you.  

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Protecting Yourself From Fraud On Craigslist

While Craigslist may be a great place to find anything you might be looking for from a job, to antiques to your new home it can be a scary place where fraud can happen. Recently a new Craigslist scam has occurred where foreclosed homes are being advertised as rentals by fraudsters out to collect your credit information, take your money and run. These Craigslist ads look very similar to any other home ad and can be tricky to differentiate leaving renters completely unaware of what is happening to them until the point where they go to move into their new home and the keys simply don't work, or even to the point where they are all moved in with locks changed by fraudsters and being met at the door with the real listing agent and local sheriff. Freddie Mac has posted some great tips to help protect yourself in these situations. Click here to read the full article for more information.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Short Sale Help for Active Duty Military

Check out the new short sale guidelines from Freddie and Fannie for active duty military that have orders to PCS to a new base. Mortgage payments can be current in this program.Short sale help for active duty military
Spokane Short Sale Information
Spokane Real Estate Resource

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Seller Market...Really?

Many of you may have noticed if you are in the market for a new home that the pickings are slim, and what is available is moving fast. It seems like just overnight we went from having a surplus of homes for sale that we never thought we would sell, to todays market where buyers are fighting fast and furious for every house that comes on. Is this temporary? That of course is anyone's predication, however, if you believe everything that you read the answer would be yes. The experts tell us that this is a temporary situation while the banks gather forces and begin the new wave of foreclosures. While at the same time the rate of shortsales has not slowed down. So what is a buyer to do, wait it out until there is a bigger and better selection again? The numbers say the time to buy is now. While a buyer may be in more competition than they have seen in some time, rates are the story. With interest rates still being at all time lows a buyer stands to save thousands of dollars in interest by buying today vs waiting and taking the risk that rates may rise....For Example A buyer that buys today at 3.5% interest over 30 years on a 150,000 loan will pay 92,484.13 in interest. That same buyer could wait for a surplus of housing choices and maybe pay 5,000 less for the house due to supply and demand, but rates may have raised to 4%. That same 150,000 loan is now costing them 107,804.26 in interest. An increase of 15,320.13. Lets take it one step further and rates raise to 5% (still a fantastic rate). That same loan is now costing 139,883.00 in interest over the same 30 year period. A difference of 47,398.00, all in order to save 5,000. You do the math...Now is the time to buy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

B of A Short Sale Time Lines Shortened...Fingers Crossed

Most of us have been through or heard of the old B of A paper short sale system where short sales could take 6-9 months, files disappear and homes just seem to go to auctions that have been "postponed". Then the great Equator happened and honestly it has been fabulous. I know there are those out there who would disagree with me, but personally I find it a great tool and it has made short sales so much faster with B of A. Well, guess what? It is being improved again and B of A is claiming that shortsales will be approved in 20 days. REALLY? I am extremely excited about this, but am also a realist and will wait and see. For more info click below.

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